Research Papers / Publications

  • Henry Friedman, Mirko S. Heinle (2016), Taste, Information, and Asset Prices: Implications for the Valuation of CSR, Review of Accounting Studies, Forthcoming.  Abstract
  • Luzi Hail, Stephanie Sikes, Clare Wang (2016), Cross-country evidence on the relation between capital gains taxes, risk, and expected returns, Journal of Public Economics  Abstract
  • Stephanie Sikes (Work In Progress), Aggregate Corporate Tax Avoidance and Cost of Capital.  Abstract
  • Mirko S. Heinle, Henry Friedman (2016), Lobbying and uniform disclosure regulation, Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming.  Abstract
  • Mirko S. Heinle, Robert E. Verrecchia (2016), Bias and the Commitment to Disclosure, Management Science, Forthcoming.  Abstract
  • Stephanie Sikes, Leslie Robinson, Pavel Savor (Work In Progress), Do investors view income tax expense as less value relevant post FIN 48?.  Abstract