PHD Student-Faculty Research Collaborations

We are committed to working with Ph.D. students during the doctoral program. Close working relationships with faculty members while at Wharton are an excellent learning experience, and the established relationships can continue throughout the student’s career. Our program is designed to provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty early in the program and to get started on relevant research.

First year research assistantship: First-year doctoral students are assigned to a faculty member as a research assistant in the spring semester (approximately ten hours per week). Faculty members propose possible projects to the Ph.D. coordinator, and students are matched to those projects with the student’s interests and skill development needs in mind. The assistantship encourages working relationships between faculty and students and provides personal training in research skills outside of the classroom setting.

Following is a list of representative publications and working papers between Accounting Department faculty members and current and former Ph.D. students.

Students are highlighted in bold.

Bradford Lynch, Daniel Taylor, Robert J. Jackson, Jr. Late Filings and Insider Trading: Broken Windows or Opportunism?

Bradford Lynch, Daniel Taylor, Robert J. Jackson, Jr. Holding Foreign Insiders Accountable.

Bradford Lynch and Daniel Taylor, The Information Content of Corporate Websites.

Shawn Kim, Wayne Guay, David Tsui (Working), Determinants of Insider Trading Windows.

Shawn Kim, Luzi Hail, Rachel Xi Zhang (Working), How Do Managers Greenwash? Evidence from Earnings Conference Calls.

Christopher Armstrong, Mirko S. Heinle, Irina Luneva (Working), Financial Information and Diverging Beliefs.

Henry Friedman, Mirko S. Heinle, Irina Luneva (Working), A Theoretical Framework for ESG Reporting to Investors.

Gillette, Jacquelyn., Delphine Samuels, and Frank S. Zhou (2020). The effect of credit ratings on disclosure: Evidence from the recalibration of Moody’s municipal ratings, forthcoming at Journal of Accounting Research, 2020.

Glaeser, Stephen, Jeremy Michels, and Robert Verrecchia, Discretionary Disclosure and Management Horizon: Evidence from Patenting, forthcoming at Review of Accounting Studies, 2020.

Friedman, Henry and Mirko Heinle, Influence activities, coalitions, and uniform policies, forthcoming at Management Science, 2020.

Chen, Kevin, and Wayne Guay, Busy Directors and Shareholder Satisfaction, forthcoming in Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2020

Armstrong, Christopher, Carlo Gallimberti, and David Tsui, The Screening Role of Covenant Heterogeneity, Fourth Round R&R at Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2020.

Armstrong, Chris, Terrence Blackburne, and Phillip Quinn, The Informativeness of CEO Purchases for Performance-Related Turnover, Second Round R&R at Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2020.

Armstrong, Christopher, Stephen Glaeser and Sterling Huang, Controllability of Risk and the Design of Incentive-Compensation Contracts, Third Round R&R at The Accounting Review, 2020.

Chen, Kevin, Wayne Guay and Richard Lambert, Multidimensional Corporate Governance, working paper 2020.

Arif, Salman, John Kepler, Joseph Schroeder, and Daniel Taylor, Audit Process, Private Information, and Insider Trading, working paper 2020.

Mirko Heinle, Jung Min Kim, Robert Verrecchia, Analyst Forecasts, working paper 2020.

Blackburne, Terrence, John Kepler, Phillip Quinn, and Daniel Taylor, Undisclosed SEC Investigations, working paper 2020.

Armstrong, Christopher, John Kepler and David Tsui, Supply Constraints and Directors’ Reputational Incentives, working paper, 2020.

Fischer, Paul, Mirko Heinle, and Kevin Smith, Constrained Listening, Audience Alignment, and Expert Communication, working paper 2020.

Armstrong, Chris, Stephen Glaeser, Sterling Huang, and Daniel Taylor, The Economics of Managerial Taxes and Corporate Risk-Taking, The Accounting Review, January 2019.

Guay, Wayne, John Kepler, and David Tsui, The Role of Executive Cash Bonuses in Providing Individual and Team Incentives, Journal of Financial Economics, 2019.

Armstrong, Christopher, Stephen Glaeser and John Kepler, Strategic Reactions in Corporate Tax Avoidance, Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2019.

Armstrong, Christopher, Stephen Glaeser and John Kepler, Accounting Quality and the Transmission of Monetary Policy, Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2019.

Armstrong, Christopher, Jacky Chau, Christopher Ittner, and Jason Xiao, Earnings per Share Goals and CEO Incentives, Third Round R&R at The Accounting Review, 2019.

Mirko Heinle, Chongho Kim, Daniel Taylor, Frank Zhou, Long-Term Information in Short-Term Disclosure Decisions, working paper 2019.

Mirko Heinle, Delphine Samuels, Daniel Taylor, Proprietary Cost and Disclosure Substitution, working paper 2019.

Bushee, Brian, Jessica Kim-Gina, and Edith Leung. Inter-firm Information Transfer and Bias Spillover: Evidence from Privately-Shared Forecasts along Supply Chains. working paper, 2019.

Bushee, Brian, Thomas Keusch, and Jessica Kim-Gina, Co-opetition and the Firm’s Information Environment, working paper, 2019.

Samuels, Delphine, Daniel Taylor, and Robert Verrecchia, Financial Misreporting: Hiding in the Shadows or in Plain Sight, working paper 2019.

Heinle, Mirko, Kevin Smith, and Robert E. Verrecchia, Risk-Factor Disclosure and Asset Prices, The Accounting Review, 2018.

Park, Stella, Frank Zhou and Cathy Schrand, Management forecasts in crowded markets, working paper, 2018.

Heinle, Mirko and Kevin Smith, A Theory of Risk Disclosure, Review of Accounting Studies 22 (4), 2017: 1459–1491.

Armstrong, Christopher and Kevin Chen, Hierarchical Linear Models of Executive Compensation and Incentives, Working Paper, 2017.

Guay, Wayne, Delphine Samuels, and Daniel Taylor, Guiding Through Fog: Financial Statement Complexity and Voluntary Disclosure, Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2016.

Friedman, Henry and Mirko Heinle, Taste, Lobbying and Uniform Disclosure Regulation, Journal of Accounting Research 54 (3), 2016: 863–893.

Friedman, Henry and Mirko Heinle, Taste, Information, and Asset Prices: Implications for the Valuation of CSR, Review of Accounting Studies 21 (3), 2016: 740–767.

Bushee, Brian and Henry Friedman, Disclosure Standards and the Sensitivity of Returns to Mood, Review of Financial Studies 29 (3), 2016: 787-822.

Hail, Luzi, Stephanie Sikes, and Clare Wang, Cross-Country Evidence on the Relation between Capital Gains Taxes, Risk, and Expected Returns, Journal of Public Economics 151, 2016: 56-73.

Hail, Luzi, Ahmed Tahoun, and Clare Wang, Dividend Payouts and Information Shocks, Journal of Accounting Research 52 (2014): 403-456.

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