Undergraduate Program – Transfer Credit Policy

In most cases, only Acct 1010 and Acct 1020 are considered for transfer credit.


Only external transfer students will receive credit for the above courses.  Credit will be granted only if they were taken prior to matriculating at Penn. The approval process should be completed through the Office of Transfer Credit and Advanced Placement during the student’s first year at Penn.

Note: Wharton students are not permitted to take business courses elsewhere after matriculation at the University except in the case of approved Study Abroad Programs.


Students should check with their school offices regarding their policies on transfer credit.

If permitted, students considering taking a course elsewhere are required to obtain pre-approval for the course. Approvals are not granted after the fact.


Students must demonstrate that the course they took at another institution is similar, in all respects, to the course, as taught at Wharton.

Please refer to this link for instructions.