Photo of Wayne Guay

Wayne Guay

Yageo Professor

Professor of Accounting

Research Interests: executive compensation and incentives, executive stock holdings and trading behavior, corporate governance, financial reporting quality, the role of financial transparency in governance and contracting

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  • ACCT920 - Fundamental Empirical Accounting Research

    A fundamentals course that covers empirical research design and provides students with a perspective on historically important accounting research.


  • ACCT921 - Empirical Research Application I

    Empirical topics course on areas such as research on the time-series and cross-sectional properties of financial accounting measures, capital markets behavior, financial intermediaries, and international accounting research.


  • ACCT922 - Empirical Research Application II

    Empirical topics course on areas such as corporate governance, executive compensation, debt contracting, accounting regulation, tax, and management accounting.


  • ACCT992 - Seminar Colloquium

    Faculty led discussion prior to weekly research seminar presentations. Attendance at colloquium and seminar. Referee reports relating to research topics covered in discussions and seminars to be written.