Hard copies of the papers will not be distributed at the Conference

“Financing Acquisitions with Earnouts”
Authors:  Thomas Bates, Jordan Neyland, and Yolanda Yulong Wang
Discussant:  Isil Erel

“Uncertainty in Managers’ Reporting Objectives and Investors’ Response to Earnings Reports: Evidence from the 2006 Executive Compensation Disclosures”
Authors:  Fabrizio Ferri, Ronghuo Zheng, and Yuan Zou
Discussant:  Christopher Armstrong

“U.S. Worldwide Taxation and Domestic Mergers and Acquisitions”
Authors:  Jeremiah Harris and William O’Brien
Discussant:  Terry Shevlin

“Analysts’ Stock Ownership and Stock Recommendations”
Authors:  Elio Alfonso, Steve Lin, and Yong Yu
Discussant:  Daniel Bradley

“Earnings Announcement Promotions: A Yahoo Finance Field Experiment”
Authors:  Nikolay Laptev, Alastair Lawrence, James Ryans, and Estelle Sun
Discussant:  Joseph Engelberg

“Managing reputation: Evidence from biographies of corporate directors”
Authors:  Ian Gow, Aida Sijamic Wahid, and Gwen Yu
Discussant:  Darius Miller


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